Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lovin' you is easy cause you're beautiful

La la la la la la la... do do do do do, sorry for the '70's song. Hope that sticks with you cause it's been with me since I heard my daughter singing it. Tag you're it. 

I have to mention last weekend because I had a wonderful time with my neighbors Joe and Sharon and their friends, Wolfgang and Maria. I did not make up the Wolfgang name. He is from Germany. She is moving back to Germany to live with him, so it was her good-bye party. I nearly burst my goiter we laughed so hard. I wished I would have taken photos, I really do. Not of the goiter though. What's a goiter? Anyway wished they lived here.  She is one funny lady and he is one smart dude. I guess I could say that about most of our friends.

Saturday old Uncle Senior Bob came over and we ate burgers and played music. Fun. I resisted staying up late and felt better for it Sunday. It was good to see him. 

Osama bin Laden is dead. The world is safer, that I am sure. As relieved as I am, and as you may be, I think it's in bad form to celebrate it. At least openly, on TV where sympathizers can see it. This is why: remember when they dragged the bodies of American servicemen through the streets of Somalia? (Blackhawk Down) I do. I wanted to kill those laughing and cheering about it. Really nothing can make someone's blood boil more than the want for the revenge for celebrating the death of one of your countryman. Plus radicals have a track record for revenge in a very bad way.

Anyway I am done having a nervous breakdown over my son's grades. Done. I have let it go. Whatever happens happens. These are not my classes to pass and or fail. That said, we have been invited to the award's ceremony at the school next week. So he has done something right. 

I have nothing cool to share, photos or funnies. Sorry I 'll get with it. Keep on the Sunnyside. 

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