Saturday, February 13, 2010

The waiting is the hardest part.... son is in the shower.  I will drive him to his robotics class shortly.  Then I'll figure out what to do for the lunch I'll provide for 15-20 kids working in the class.  I could make lasanga or just buy some pizzas.  I know they would like homemade better, but pizzas easier and also liked. 
   Saw some of the opening games last night ......................

I wondered what artistic genius made this shape?

I know it's a polar bear.  I thought it looked very simple. And like a gingerbreadcookie monster.

I think what was on the minds of many was the death of the luge rider from Georgia

This is the link of the accident  luge death.  Sorry.  RIP Nodar.  There were reports of concern about the luge track being too fast being voiced all week.  Wished they would have listened.  Now they are launching an investigation into the death instead of evaluating the concerns over the condidtions.  What happens when too fast is not fast enough?
  On a positive note, I thought Sarah McLachlan was stunning and I would put a link here to her performance of "One Dream" but they want money for it so sorry.

I taped the rest of the ceremonies and went on to watching some murder/missing person's shows on ID Discovery channel.  This is my new favorite channel.  It has missing persons and murder shows. I have no idea why I love these shows. I know I am so wacky.

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