Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Little Trip To Heaven

Hey, two hibiscus blooms currently.

When I came up my hill last night on the way home from work I looked across the street and found this. I guess the owners, in kahoots with their renters, decided to take the huge Elm down.  I think it had Dutch Elm disease.  Good for us. We now have a better view of Cheyenne Mountain.  If you haven't heard of that, it's where NORAD was once housed.  NORAD, other than a defense system, also tracks Santa's delivery path on Christmas Eve.  They built it in the mt. so it could possibly take a nuclear hit.  The movie War Games took place there.  They moved the HQ out to the AFB.

I watched a movie last night it was called A Little Trip to Heaven .

 It was good enough to keep me watching, somewhat suspenseful and well acted.  What really bothered me the most was Forest Whitaker's extremely weird accent.  I guess it was supposed to be Minnesotan, my husband and I thought it sounded like Irish brogue.  The movie was filmed in Iceland but it's was supposed to take place in the mid-west U.S. somewhere.  The location was a bit Coen-esque surreal in it's tundra-like barrenness.  The story without saying much, is about a set of cons that try to get a hefty insurance death pay out.  Forest Whitaker's character is an insurance investigator that travels to the rural town to figure out if the death is legit.  I would recommend the movie, so find it on the Independent Movie channel's on-demand or I'm sure it's a rental as well.

Ok, I always say "Don't let the bastards get you down", but I have failed to take my own advice.  I have been so down for two days now that I am tempted to go see a doc. and get me some happy pills.  I will sleep on the idea, providing I can sleep.  Lately that has not been a problem.  Anyway, didn't mean to drag you down with me.  I'll be OK.

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