Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Glass Castle

I just finished reading The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls (you may click on the  title to see a quick video about her and the book.)

It was very reminiscent of Mary Karr's memoir of her tough Texas upbringing she titled, The Liar's Club, but it has been so long since I've read Karr's book, I think I'll have to revisit it.

The book was very troubling and inspiring at the same time. I was thinking at times, "how could they do that to their children". There were many instances of flat out child abuse in my eyes. Then I'd find myself rooting for them for thinking outside of society's boxes.   I think what troubled me the most is when Rex took Jeannette to the bars while pool hustling, that got creepy cause sexual abuse is NEVER humorous.  Anyway, I'd recommend you go on the adventure of ill-equip parents dragging their brood from one shit hole to another.  Seriously, it was well written memoir, filled with riveting stories and showed what won't kill you could make you stronger, or maybe with enough talent and wit, the author of a New York Times best selling book.  Thoughts: Even when times get rough, someone else has (or has had) it rougher; just because you survive abuse (or even find the humor in it), it doesn't make right.  Left feeling a little empty?, well what do you expect?, this is not the fucking New York Times.  Now go read the comedy of a bad childhood.

On another note, I found out today my treadmill's beverage holders do not accommodate coffee cups.  I know, your suppose to drink your pot of coffee before you get going on to exercise, or is it your not supposed to use coffee to hydrate either way, coffee cups a no-go.

Other notes of observation: I perpetually look tired.  I can get 12 hours of sleep, stay sober for weeks (yes, I have done this), eat healthy and I will still have dark circles and bags underneath my eyes. Lookin like I've pulled an all-nighter in the school of hard knocks. I can only think that besides my sometimes crippling depression and huge calf muscles, I can only thank my lineage.  Way to go genetic traits. At least I have my wit and perfect white teeth to fall back on. Happy trails, C.

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