Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All better, well at least better

This would be a very inexpensive costume for the right person.  Gives "take-out" or "delivery" a whole new meaning.

A little wind feature I shot today in Old Colorado City.  There's a big MF storm heading our way so pick up supplies from the liquor store on your way home tonight.
I have been cleaning out closets ect. at the house and nothing can put me in a worse mood then realizing all the useless shit I've accumulated and I how I've stuffed it places it has no reason  being.  I know I have been trying to get my shit together for nearly 30 years now so what's the hurry now.  I'll keep that in mind.
I'll have the exciting hub-bub on the coffin races/parade and Halloween party soon.  c.

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  1. Yum, I'll have a slice with extra pepperoni, please. :)

    Cool picture! I've been putting off cleaning out all of the closets in my house for years now. I think something lives in one of them....


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