Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Worried about Rae

Yesterday I took my baby tortie Rae to the vets for her shots and blood work. She hates 1. getting in a box 2. riding in a car. 3. Getting examined 4. Getting shots 5. getting blood drawn. and the rest. I know what cat likes all that? You definitely don't see them riding around in cars. So she is still hiding under my bed 28 hours later, no food, or drink. I got her out for a short time and she limped and cried and ran back under. So I am so worried. I did a search on-line and evidently this is a common side effect to rabies vaccination. ugggh.
She was perfectly fine before I took her in and now $250.00 later I am worried SICK.

If you've had a life lately, you may not have heard that we got snow in Colorado. The Springs area did not get snow but we had a freeze warning. Guess what I did in the 40 degree sleet? I brought in all my plants that cannot take a freeze. It looked like this on my back patio. About 40 plants distributed throughout the house, most till next Spring. Guess we'll get a lot of oxygen in the house.

Getting ready for Halloween?.. Not really, my husband was just cleaning out the shed and got bones out. Scarey Santa, in back, is the scarecrow in the summer, a witch at Halloween and Scarey Santa in the winter.
I shot this hibiscus flower just before bringing in the tree. One of my favorite blooms.
Stay warm and be good, and say a pray for old Rae will ya?

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