Thursday, September 10, 2009

Track time

Maggie is on the 7th grade track team at her school. I am thrilled. However she has had an injured heel/ankle for about a month now and she can't stay off it and it prohibiting her running/jumping. Her relay team ended up third, and the running prompted her ankle to hurt, so when I showed up she had that crying/talking type of voice and said she didn't want to jump cause it hurt. Then she got her gumption off and went down and jumped. Her longest jump was a foul, her toe over the jump line. It would have been a winner. The judges weren't sure if she fouled so they asked her and she said she thought so. I would have said,"your the judge, what do you think?" however she is very honest and saw the foul. She came in fifth with her injured jump. I am gonna wrap her ankle next week to see if this helps.

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