Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Great weekend update

The drive out to the campsite ended up being AOK. The son, who was actually 20 was very nice and intelligent and Bubba was interested in his software knowledge. The Dad, G2's co-worker was also very talkative. I guess he's good friends with our editor, who I am sure is a very nice man but looks down to his shoes when I walk by. Which is one of the reasons I am very nervous when it comes to lay-offs using the equation : look down at shoes+don't smile+don't say hello= your not all that important= lets let her go( or who ta hell is she?).
Anyway the camping trip was fun. The first night some of the adults got into a very heated argument about healthcare. It came to in your face hollering. Then it ended and we played some music,drank some and carried on a bit. It was crazy Bob, Chuck and I left at the fire and they got into a huge word fight about where Bob pulled his camper in. OMG they acted like Jr High schoolers. Love them both but alcohol and stubbornness after midnight can only amount to no good. They avoided each other the rest of the weekend.
We went on a couple really good rides. Bob and I were three for three as the last ones up at the fire each night. One thing you can say about him is he is consistent. The guy sings loud,plays over everyone but he knows a lot of songs and I have to say its a lot of fun. The turkey meal was great and the kids all seemed to get along great so what's not to like. And I didn't even swear this whole post almost.

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  1. Drinking + talks about healthcare = bad news. Every single time. Glad you had a great weekend!


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